Friday, May 16, 2014

The week in review: 5/12/14 - 5/16/14

Monday 5/12
As per usual, I love teaching sixth grade with YJ. We're still in the birthday unit, so they've learned months of the year and ordinal numbers (to say dates). YJ tells me that we'll have an open class with sixth grade next Wednesday. Daycare classes went alright today - the second graders were asking for the Angry Birds game (PPT) that we had played on Friday. Guess I'll have to use that again soon. I edited YJ's open class lesson plan at the end of the day.

Five day market after school - bought a corn dog, I know, I know. But they're W 700! (That's less than 70 cents!), and I like taking part in the market. I shan't do it again!

Tuesday 5/13
Talked some more about the open class with YJ - we decided to change the main activity to a poster project where students choose (or create) a "Special Day" (holiday), and then use the textbook language to write about it (using phrases provided - or creating their own, if they're at that level). I had no afternoon classes, but somehow did not get to work on Summer Camp, and barely made a dent in daycare planning.

After school I updated some software on my computer at home, which had over an hour's waiting time, so I read in bed and then completely dozed off for around two hours. That's the first time I've napped in the afternoon here, and I woke up around 8 p.m. I think I needed the extra sleep to get rid of this cold, though.

Wednesday 5/14
Our third graders had fun doing an activity with party hats and gift boxes (Happy Birthday unit). Between classes the Vice Principal and Principal were in the English room, looking at things I think because the first and second grade teachers want my co-teacher YH and I to move our desks back into the English room, out of their office. I learned today to always stand when the VP/P enter the room, because I sat back down after my co-teacher started talking with them on the other side of the room, and then she did a hand signal behind her back telling me to stand up. Whoops!

Thursday 5/16
Today was Teachers' Day here in Korea!  Just a normal day, though. Fourth graders started a new unit today, learning three prepositions: in, on, under.  After lunch I played biseokchigi with my sixth grade friends again.  Later my co-teacher asked if I've heard that we need to move from our office. Yes, I've heard. He says that his desk will move to the English room, and mine will move next door to the third grade teachers' office. Hmm this was the first I've heard of that - I thought we were both moving to the English room. I'm curious as to how the arrangement was decided (The third grade office has teachers in and out all day. It's a small room where the new color printer is housed, and where the teachers have coffee breaks.) We'll see when the move actually happens... I thought we were moving last week and still no word of a move date.

I had dinner with my Korean friend after not meeting for many weeks, and then G+ed with Hannah in London.

Friday 5/17
After second period with fifth graders, some younger kids came into the English room. What are they doing here? "Oh, I forgot," my co-teacher told me, "It's club day". One Friday a month (usually the third, perhaps) the kids have "club time" during third and fourth period. That means whatever classes we normally have during third and fourth get pushed back after lunch to fifth and sixth period. This overlaps 10 minutes of my first daycare class, so usually it's an exhausting afternoon of four back-to-back classes, no passing time between the last three. At lunch I track down the first grade teacher and tell her I'd come at 2:30 instead of 2:20 today. And then as luck would have it, after fifth period I'm waiting for the last fifth grade class to come and nobody's there when the bell rings. YH had left the room a few minutes earlier, I'm not sure where he is so I just wait. He comes back a few minutes later saying we won't have the last class, their homeroom teacher is keeping them this period. Yay! So I had a little breather before starting my two after school classes. TGIF! Ah, and when I got back from my last daycare class all of the teachers were cleaning, mopping the hallways (I'm assuming in preparation for next Wednesday's open house), and YH had moved his desk into the English room. I wonder if they'll have me move on Monday. More importantly: The boy comes in one week!!
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