Friday, April 11, 2014

My classroom mailbox

Exactly a week ago a fifth grade girl made me an origami box and ball before English class, and gave them to me with a short note. I opened her note after class and was really impressed with the box she'd made. I wanted to thank her, so I decided I'd write a quick note back to give to her next class (today).

And then the idea hit me: Why not invite all students to write me a note/letter whenever they'd like?  Extra practice writing would be good for all of the students, and to use English to communicate with a real person as opposed to answering textbook questions would be very useful. Shyer kids can still have a chance to interact with me, even if they're afraid of talking with me. Also I'm a huge fan of snail mail, so I'd gladly make the time to write back anyone who wrote to me. I could make a mailbox and keep it in the English room! I was so excited. Why hadn't I thought of this until now?

So last weekend I got to work right away, and turned an empty oatmeal container into my mailbox.  I hadn't run the idea past anyone at school, but on Monday both co-teachers were very supportive of my creation and let me introduce it at the start of each class this week.

My Thursday/Friday co-teacher mentioned today that he thinks I should put it by the door (or maybe he meant outside the classroom), so we'll see if its location changes next week. Currently it's sitting on top of the piano at the front of the classroom.

I'm also curious to see what kind of traffic it'll get, if any. Time will tell!
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