Sunday, March 23, 2014

Badger Blogging Blitz: Day 0

Badger Blogging Blitz in Korea

I am happy to announce that Badger Blogging Blitz (BBB) will be starting tomorrow!

Badger Blogging Blitz

BBB is a weeklong blogging event that was created by a group of UW-Madison graduates teaching English in Korea in 2012.  (Those of you who followed Oh No She Madridn't when I taught in Madrid might remember my Spain version of BBB after I saw the original.)

Now that I'm actually teaching in Korea, some friends and I will be reviving the project. We'll blog to show what the average day is like teaching English here, and we'll also answer two questions each day about living and working in Korea.  Our hope is that both people interested in teaching abroad and people who have never left home can learn something new/useful this week by reading our posts.

Meet The Bloggers

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce my fellow BBB bloggers:

Abby @ Bodging For Apples II

Ashley @ ...meanwhile in Korea...

Drew @ The Hungry Partier

Maggie @ The Traveling Flamingo

Vicky @ Outside the Pyxis

Be sure to check out their posts throughout the week!


Finally, what questions do you have for us? About living abroad, teaching, Korea, our pasts - whatever you want to know!  We have a set of preplanned questions (courtesy of the 2012 BBB) for the first part of the week, and then on the final two days we'll respond to any questions from readers that have yet to be answered.  So start thinking, and you can leave any questions as a comment to this post! Thank you!
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