Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Memory card mishap in Bangkok

Where I last left off in the retelling of my Bangkok trip, I had just found out that my camera's memory card had no more space because I was unable to photograph Anne as she was getting interviewed by a small group of Thai students after our Chatuchak Market visit.

A little while after the interviews, we left the park and went back to the hostel. A block away we stopped at the 7/11 for some waters, as we did every day. I looked around and a shelf of gadgets caught my eye. Then I saw a flashdrive with the words "64 GB" on the box. Woah! It also appeared to be a memory card reader, according to the only other English words on the box and the memory card slots I could clearly see along the side of the flashdrive.

I could put my memory card into the flashdrive, and then move the pictures to the flashdrive itself. Perfect! It was nearly 150 baht, but that came out to under $5 USD which I was totally willing to spend. Almost sounded too good to be true! Hint, hint.

Anxious to revolve my issue at hand, I brought my new purchase back to the hostel and sat down at the shared computer. After some experimenting, I disappointingly realized that the flashdrive couldn't store 64 GB of data, but rather it could read a memory card of up to 64 GB of data. I probably would have known that if I could read Thai, but that was not the case. So I couldn't store anything on the flashdrive, I could only use it to read the memory card.

I put the memory card back into the flashdrive and started to copy the entire folder from my digital camera onto the computer desktop, just to have a copy of it somewhere other than the memory card. Someone else needed to use the computer, so I minimized the copying and let them at it, taking a seat three feet away with my book.

When I went back ten minutes later, the copying had stopped because the memory card was empty. What?! My camera's memory card was completely empty, wiped clean. I took the memory card out of the flash drive and put it back into my camera, hoping for the best.  Empty, my camera told me when I then tried to view the pictures.  I was upset but realized it could have been worse - I might not have copied part of the folder onto the desktop and have lost the entirety of my photos.

So I spent the next few hours monitoring the computer as I uploaded the photos I did have from the computer's desktop to Google Drive. I still could not believe all the photos I lost, memories and views that are only imprinted in my mind until they vanish, which many have already done. Although it seems most of the photos I lost were on the same two days, I still lost random photos from other points in the trip.

The other positive spin was that Anne had joined me for those two days, so she at least had some pictures and is nice and would share them with me.

We went to dinner that night with some guys from the hostel who had looked up a place online with cheap curry. We could get delicious, cheap curry just down the road on the food street as I'd had the night before, but these guys were on a mission. So we took the SkyTrain a few stops and found the restaurant. Ultimately no one was pleased with their small serving that did not come with rice, and some were bummed that we could not get any drinks, as it was Sunday night and there was an alcohol ban because of the elections.  Luckily I wasn't hungry to begin with, so I didn't have to go out for a second dinner as many of the others did.

I was exhausted, especially after skipping out on an afternoon nap to deal with the memory card issue, only to somehow delete over half of my pictures. So I went to bed around 11 knowing that we couldn't sleep in the following day; we had a Monday morning Thai cooking class to attend!
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