Monday, February 17, 2014

Ben's Cookies in Itaewon

During dinner in Itaewon (an area of Seoul) with some friends on Saturday evening, one of the girls mentioned that she'd read about a Ben's Cookies - a place that sold big, soft, delicious cookies.

Now soft, chewy cookies are rare in this corner of the world, so when we heard that Ben's Cookies was just a few minutes down the road, our after-dinner plans were made.

The small red shop was easy to spot since we were looking for it, but I probably would have walked right past if not.  You see the cookies in the window were hidden from view by a line of people waiting to buy some cookies inside the tiny shop when we got there.  (Only 1-2 people can really fit inside at once).

Ben's Cookies Itaewon Seoul

So how much are these melty treats? They're sold by weight! 370 won per 10 grams.  I got two cookies (one for Sunday) and the total was 6,000 some won. So one cookie will set you back about 3,000 won, which was just fine with me given my location and the number of times I'd bought cookies here in the past six months: zero.

We stood around and quickly devoured our fresh purchases right outside the shop, and there was a constant line throughout.

So if you ever find yourself suffering oven-withdrawal in your Korean apartment and craving some big, soft cookies, fear not. Head to Ben's Cookies in Itaewon!


What: Ben's Cookies
Where: 1F, 124-9 Itaewon, 1-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Hours: Varies by season and day of the week (details on website, below), but is always open by noon until at least 9 p.m.
Metro: Itaewon, Exit 2
Directions: Go out exit 2 of the Itaewon station and keep walking straight when you get to street level. (I hate it when people say "go to such and such a metro and walk straight" but that's seriously all you need to do.  Just keep walking on that side of the street for about five minutes and keep an eye out for the red shop on your left.
Website: Ben's Cookies View all the delicious flavors there.
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  1. I love cookies! If one day I go and visit Korea, I wont forget to head to Ben's Cookies in Itaewon!