Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shampoo-free in Korea

It was well over a year ago now that I first stopped using shampoo.  I did so after learning about the no shampoo "movement" from Missris via her no shampoo progress update post in October of 2012.

Why no shampoo?

It has been said that since shampoo strips the scalp of sebum (natural oils), the body over produces oil to compensate for the loss.  So no shampoo will actually make your skull less oily.  Not using shampoo also helps to reduce pollution, both plastic and chemical - but that's not why I made the switch.  Rather, it was a simple habit I could change in order to live more naturally.  Other changes I made at the same time included making and using homemade 2-ingredient deodorant and brushing my teeth with natural, fluoride-free toothpaste (So glad I'll never see you again, Crest!).

So after tapering off regular shampoo, I replaced it completely with baking soda and apple vinegar.  You mix each with some water, the baking soda + water being your shampoo, while the apple vinegar + water becomes your conditioner  This worked well for me; vinegar makes your hair so smooth!  I continued the new washing procedure until I moved to Korea this fall.

To avoid needing to hunt down baking soda and apple vinegar in a foreign land before I could have clean hair, I bought a big bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner and brought it along in my luggage.

Shampoo free in Korea

A few weeks ago at the grocery store I saw a little baggie of "sodium bicarbonate" on the shelf.  So I spontaneously bought a pack, then went off to look for apple vinegar, which I found and purchased.  Later on in the other grocery store I got a cute little sauce container for under $1; it works perfectly for this type of hair washing.

I started the transition during my winter break, since I'd see less people.  It does take some time for your skull to adjust, so hair appears greasier at the start.

Rather than tapering off my shampoo use this time, I just completely stopped and switched over to the baking soda and vinegar right away.  I wasn't showering/shampooing every day to begin with. Nor every other day, hah.

So far I notice that my hair is a lot softer than before.  It's also notably less oily, this being the third full week without shampoo.

Have you ever washed your hair with baking soda and vinegar? Have you heard of the no shampoo "movement" before, or was this the first time?
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