Monday, January 20, 2014

Editable passport stamps template

I wanted to briefly share here how I made the passport stamp template for my students' international passports from English winter camp (the same camp which is available for purchase below).  
It took a decent amount of searching on the internet before I found something that would work, so hopefully this can save other people some time.

Making passport stamps for kids

I used a photo of blank passport stamps from istock and resized it in Microsoft Word to half the size of an A4 paper.  Then I inserted various text boxes and word art to write the country's name in 10 of the stamps, while leaving room for a date stamp.  Since I only needed ten stamps, it didn't matter that the middle of the photo was covered in an "istock" watermark; I simply didn't use those stamps.

Also, since mine would only be printed in black and white, I didn't change the font color. If you print these in color, you could make them look a lot better by playing with font colors.

passport stamps template editable

Here's a word document of the editable passport stamps.

And here's a picture of the stamps in a student's passport, with the date stamp:

Kid passport stamp

International passport template

And here's where you can download the blank passport templates I used (black and white) for the kids.

kid international passport template
Source: Paperzip
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  1. The editable stamps are exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks so much!

    1. You're welcome! Glad they were what you needed!

  2. This is perfect! You have saved me lots of money! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Been looking for these, thanks so much :)