Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bowling in Seoul

This evening I went bowling with some friends in Seoul, and it was a blast!  Reminded me of all the times we'd go bowling in Madrid, and how that connected me to my midwest life.

We didn't have an exact address for the bowling ally, but it was easy to find because there were giant lit-up bowling pins outside.

Prices were great, W 3,500 per game (weekend price), and shoes were W 1,300 (under $5 total for one game, $9 for two)

Bowling prices Seoul
Bowling prices at Namyeong Bowling, Seoul

Once we got there, I was worried we'd have to mess around trying to set up the score monitor in Korean, but that was not the case.  The monitor just listed the four players as AAA, BBB, CCC, and DDD -- so we could start playing right away.  I was CCC.

We played two games.  I don't remember my score from the first game, but I do from the second: 156!

If you go...

What: Namyeong Bowling
Metro: Sookmyung Women's University (Stop 427 on line 4), Exit 7
Directions: Take exit 7 and walk straight for about a block. Keep your eye open for the big bowling pin on your right -- that'll lead you right to the entrance.
Prices: See photo above.  All games are W 3,500 or less, shoe rental is W 1,300 
Tips: Know your Korean shoe size before you go!  Here's a men's shoe size conversion chart (USA and Korea), and here's a women's shoe size conversion chart (USA and Korea).  Also, fyi, no bumpers in Korea! But you don't need them, right?

Other Bowling Alleys in Seoul

Here's a link to more bowling alleys in Seoul, though I'm under the impression that there are many, many more.  In fact, here's another list of bowling alleys in Seoul.
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