Friday, December 13, 2013

A heavier snowfall brings thunder and play

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a nice snowfall during the afternoon and evening, which resulted in being told to go home from work an hour and a half early.  Let it be noted that I wore tennis shoes on my walk to school that morning, because there was not a spec of snow to be seen (and I had no idea it was going to snow!)  Here are the kids playing in the school yard after school, and just a snippet of the many umbrellas I saw on my walk home:

Later that evening I swear I heard it thunder - twice!  Have you ever heard thunder during a snowfall?  There were some really big, thick flakes coming down as I watched from my window.

There was no snow here hours earlier!

The snow on my street packed down and had turned to slick ice by morning.  I carefully walked to school and only almost fell twice.

Today at school our schedule was a little different, as it was the one Friday a month that the students have a special "class" during 3rd and 4th periods (kind of like a club/org day).  Those two periods have been lesson planning time for me in the past, while my co-teacher is advisor of a small group that usually does sudoku puzzles during the club/org time.

After 2nd period today, my co-teacher asked, "Rebe, do you want to make a snowman?" I was not expecting the question, nor was I sure how to answer.  Did I have the desire to make a snowman when I saw all of the snow yesterday/today?  Do I miss making snowmen from home? Am I going to make a snowman?  So I think I said "uhhh" and asked a clarifying question.

Then she told me that she was going to take her "club" group outside to make a snowman during the two special periods. Ooooh, now it made sense.  Sure!  So I grabbed my coat and scarf and headed outside with her and the five students.

Unfortunately it was not good packing snow at all.  When we started, I never imagined we would get it as big as we did.  We had to carry over powdered snow and push it together, little by little.  It was impossible to roll a snowball, it just broke apart.  The finished product is in the middle:

Not five minutes after we took the final picture and went inside to warm up a little before lunch, a first grader took the head off of the snowman and threw it on the ground.  All of us who had just spent two hours building the snowman watched its head be destroyed from the second-floor window.  Then, four more first graders ran over to the snowman and began kicking at the base.  (These kids are programmed to destroy, I don't understand it!  The boy who took off the head is in one of my daycare classes, and those kids will break anything they put their hands on).  My co-teacher yelled from the window to a teacher who was outside, who then walked over and made the kids stop kicking.  It was sad that the kids saw their hard work being wrecked just moments after coming inside.

When I left school at the end of the day today, there was no sign that our snowman had ever existed.  So I'm glad we took pictures!
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  1. "These kids are programmed to destroy" haha..

    1. Really! Are American first graders like this? I should ask mom...