Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Walkers for Haiti Allies

Three triplet sisters from my hometown are walking from Madison to Chicago at the end of the month (October 25 - November 7, 2013) to raise money and awareness for Haiti Allies.  Haiti Allies is a non-profit based in Madison, WI that has been building a relationship with Cite Soleil, Haiti for over 20 years now.  The triplets' (Abby, Megan, and Melanie) last name is Walker, making the event a fitting one.

This particular fundraising campaign was started to rebuild the Citè Soleil Community School, which has been operating in the "temporary" structure put up after the earthquake hit in 2010.

These girls were in the grade below me in high school, but I got to know them during my years as manager of the girls' varsity basketball team since all three played.  They are kind, outgoing people with endless smiles.

The girls were on The Morning Blend show the other day -- the video is here.  If you have three minutes, I recommend watching their interview.  Maybe it's just because I know them, but I think their personality really comes out in the interview; I enjoyed watching it.

Melanie, Abby, and Megan Walker on NBC15

I really admire their dedication to a cause, especially the action they've taken in creating this walking event.  Progress is made by taking action, and these girls are doing it.

How to help

Want to help them?  Like Walkers for Haiti Allies on facebook.  Share their website with friends and coworkers.  Write about it in a newsletter or blog post.

Know anyone who lives in Evansville, WI; Darien, WI; or Palatine, IL?  The Walkers are still looking for people to host them for a night in those three towns on their walk.  Want to donate money to the rebuilding of the Citè Soleil Community School?  Donations can be made via paypal here.

Contact Walkers for Haiti Allies

Website: Walkers for Haiti Allies
Facebook: Walkers for Haiti Allies
Twitter: @Walkers4Haiti

Watch Abby eat a bug

Also: Abby promised to eat a bug as soon as the facebook page got 500 likes, and they just hit that mark today.  She said to expect a video tomorrow, so that's another reason to check out their page.

Note: All photos in this post were taken from the Walkers for Haiti Allies facebook page.
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