Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sookmyung Saturday #6: Seocho Flea Market

UPDATE 10/14/13: I almost forgot, here's the answer to the contest from my trip to the Korean National Museum two weeks ago  (Sookmyung Saturday #4).  I had asked what these are, in the picture below:

Answer: They're jar-coffins!

Here's what the sign said for the exhibit: "In the Yeongsangang River Basin, gigantic jar-coffins, which were buried in pits with high earthen mounds, were common in the 4th to 5th centuries.  From the jar-coffin tomb gilt-bronze crowns, gilt-bronze shoes, necklaces, swords with a ring pommel, and so on were unearthed, suggesting that the occupant of the tomb was highly influential in this region."


Today I went into Seoul the earliest I've been yet, leaving my town by 9:30am.  I went to the Seocho Flea Market when I arrived to look for some warm sweaters since a cool fall and cold winter are fast approaching.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and I was getting hot in the sweater I had worn that day (made it difficult to shop for sweaters, but nonetheless...)

Lots of vendors had a huge pile of clothes that shoppers could dig through.

I learned you have to get down there and work your way through the pile, grabbing stuff out from the bottom and tossing clothes here and there.

I would only look at the piles where everything was 3,000 W or 2,000 W (coats/jackets included! Great place to get a coat if you need one, by the way).  Going to the market was good for practicing my Sino-Korean numbers too, as the 2,000 W and 3,000 W piles usually had someone nearby repeatedly shouting the price.

Though clothes made up a majority of what was for sale, other things I remember seeing include shoes, belts, watches, jewelry, purses, backpacks, pens, notebooks, hats, and scarves.

Here were my four buys that morning, totaling around $10:

I brought my purchases with me to class that afternoon, and headed home afterwards.  As per the norm, although I left the university around 17:30, I didn't get home until 20:00 and I was exhausted.


What: Seocho Flea Market
When: Saturdays from 9:00 - 15:00 (Note: It is an outdoor flea market, so check the weather before you decide to go!)
Metro: Sadang Station (Line 2), Exit 12
Where: Take exit 12. At the top of the stairs turn left 90 degrees and walk straight between the bakery and cafe (walk through the opening under the words "Pastel City", pictured below)

Tips: Try to get there between 10 - 13:00 for the best selection.  Make sure you have cash on you before you go -- smaller bills are better!
Be prepared for lots of people.
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