Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Resolutions Checkpoint: September

Hello, October!  Time for a resolution check-in! (Original 2013 resolutions can be found here).

--September Focus--

I chose a paradoxical statement to focus on in September: go easier on myself, while also trying to push myself.  Turns out, it's hard to evaluate how well you performed a paradoxical statement.  I'm really struggling to find anything else to say.  As you'll see below, I've got a more concrete focus for October that will be much easier to evaluate.  And I'm going to leave it at that.

--Overall Progress--

So here we go, my current progress on all remaining resolutions:

  • (+) Read 32 books -- I've read 24 books of 32, which means I'm still on track (according to Goodreads).  Books read in September include Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking and Hemant Mehta's The Young Atheist's Survival Guide.  I'm currently reading Paulo Coelho's The Pilgrimage.
  • (-) Five of the 32 will be in Spanish -- I have read 1 / 5 books in Spanish. (Hermanos monigotes II)
  • (+) Five of the 32 will be books that I own in my apartment
  • (-) Two of the 32 books will be in French -- Uhhh whoops.
  • (-) Take probiotics every day -- I need to step this up in October - I brought a three-month supply with me to Korea but have only had a handful during September.

  • (+) Write in journal every day -- I wrote 17 of 30 days in September.  I'll probably fill up my current journal in October or November.
  • (+) Only log in to facebook 1x/day maximum -- I might open the page a couple of times each evening, but that's when we're planning meetups on the UW TTG facebook group or sending messages to my downstairs neighbor.
  • (+) Focus on gratitude

  • (-) Do something physical at least two days a week -- Some weeks it's only been Wednesday night badminton.  And I've only gone for a run once!  I'll try to go on some runs in October.


Note: Now that I'm in South Korea, far from Madison's French and Spanish Conversation tables I'd been attending, I've changed my goals in this section.  By the end of the year, I hope to master:
  • (+) Learn Hangul (Korean alphabet) -- During my first month of Hangul classes (on Saturdays) we learned the alphabet.
  • (  ) Learn food/restaurant vocabulary (priorities!)
  • (-) Learn Korean numbers 1 - 99 -- We just started learning the numbers last week.  Just route memorization that I haven't sat down to learn yet.  This week I know numbers 1 - 7.
  • (-) Learn Chinese numbers 1 - 100 -- Currently I know 1-5. Blah, I need to study!

  • (+) Go somewhere during our upcoming break (Sept. 19 - 22) -- I went to Seoul for the Chuseok break.  If you missed it, you can read about it here.


--October Focus--

During October I want to focus on three goals: probiotics, reading, and exercising twice a week.

  • If I take my probiotics even every other day, that will be a success in my book.  In fact, I'm going to go drink a glass right now.  
  • At the start of this week I realized I've barely read during September (books, that is.  We all know I read plenty of blogs).  I was only reading on my Saturday bus rides into Seoul -- just once a week!  So I recently started stopping at a nearby park on the way home from school and reading 10% of my current book (on my kindle) before I go home.  I'd like to continue this practice during the month.
  • Whether it's running or yoga, I need to do something besides just Wednesday badminton.

Only three months left in 2013 (how the heck did that happen??), so how is everyone else doing on their new year's resolutions?
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