Friday, October 4, 2013

Walk through HUFS campus and a short hike

Here are some photos (quite a few, actually) from my walk yesterday through the campus that I live near, followed by an impromptu hike.

Down by the stream that cuts through town, looking in the direction of the university
A university building

An outdoor theater of sorts
A pond I discovered, near the outdoor theater

And my hike begins at this sign
Balanced rocks on a bigger rock. Significance?

I loved walking up these curves -- what's around the bend?

Now heading back down the hill...

These seemed to lead nowhere, but maybe I'll climb up next time

And back through the university, down the hill into town:

Huge spider I saw -- yeah, that yellow/black monster in the middle. It's a spider.

People had brought tents to the pond -- for their kiddies to stay shaded from the sun is my guess

And back to the stream that goes through town
• • •


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