Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday: 9/5/13

[Thankful Thursday is a weekly segment that began 1/10/13 - read why here.  I invite you to join me in practicing gratitude!]

I have so much to be thankful for today!  I hadn't sent out a Rebe in Korea email update yet to my list because I wasn't in the best state/mood my first few days here -- you know, jet lag and all.  Yesterday I felt a lot better, and it feels like I'm on a positive incline now that I'm starting to establish a routine and get to know my town/school.

So, today I am thankful for:
  • Having good internet in my apartment since my arrival on Saturday.
  • Kind and understanding (and very skilled) co-teachers I think I'll get along with well this year (and learn lots from!).
  • The friendly fourth grade teacher who drove me to and from badminton practice yesterday after school.
  • The kind teachers from badminton practice who invited me out to dinner with them afterwards.  It was a typical Korean restaurant, so we took off our shoes when we entered and sat cross-legged on the floor at the low tables while we ate.
  • The fact that my co-teacher thought of me when a fellow teacher said he was selling his iPhone 4.  I'm buying it for  ~$140 USD!
  • The students being so energetic and excited to see me in the hall.  I wonder if there will ever be a day that they won't all stare/wave and say "Hello!  Hello teacher!" when I walk by in the hall, but I don't necessarily want to see that day come!
  • The mechanical engineer who happened to walk into the tiny post office today right after me, and started conversation with me in English.  He offered to show me the town once I have a phone and can contact him.

All situations and feelings are temporary.  Thus the bad will pass, but the good will not last forever either -- so be grateful for today.
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