Monday, September 2, 2013

Cribs: South Korean apartment

On today's episode of Cribs, check out Reca's new studio apartment in Mohyeon, South Korea!

Let's start with the front door.  Why?  Because nobody has house keys!  I punch in a number on a keypad outside the apartment to get in, and then my door has a separate keypad (slide the silver cover up to type in the number, then slide it back down).

Korean apartment door
My apartment door in Korea
Right when you walk in, there's a lower section where you take off your shoes.  This is typical in Korean houses, and in some restaurants.  You always take off your shoes when entering a house.  At school, we take off our shoes and wear "slippers" inside.

And here's a look at my door from the inside:

When I walk in the door, this is the view to the right:

And to the left:

Let's go to the right side first and explore the bathroom:

Bathrooms in Korea are often wet -- the shower isn't inside of any tub, so the whole floor gets wet when you shower or clean.  There is a step down to get into the bathroom, so the water stays there.  When I stayed at the teacher's house my first night in the country, there were a pair of slip on plastic shoe/sandal-y footwear that stayed in the bathroom, so that when you go in to use the bathroom your feet don't get wet.  I've put a pair of slip flops just outside my door for this purpose:

The shower head and such is just like the shower heads in Spain.  I have to turn on the hot water before showers if I want it to be hot, so I've been trying to take showers when I'm already hot (after being out in the sun or after a run) so that I'm not cold when I use the water without heat.

Leaving the bathroom, the kitchen is directly in front of you:

I do have a fridge, but it's located in the bedroom/living room, by the window.  Here's the left side, after you leave the kitchen/bathroom section:

And the right side:

Lots of space in the two armoires.

The door in the far corner opens to my washing machine.  That little box-room also has an iron + ironing board, and a clothes drying rack.

And two more views of the main room:

I am so pleased with the apartment -- it had so much useful stuff already in it: plates, mugs, chopsticks, sponges, cleaning materials, toilet paper, laundry detergent, kit kats!, things of that nature.  Also: Wisconsin rain boots!  I'll be prepared for the rain season next summer!
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  1. Wow! What a cheerful apartment! I like to light colors with splashes of bright..... and your closets look very functional. (Good closets are important, don't you think?) Thank you for sharing your pics! So interesting!!!

    1. Thanks! I got lucky that the bedspread colors agree with me. Actually, a few days after I took these pictures I put on the new bedspread that my co-teacher bought: it's light blue and white -- still good!