Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sookmyung Saturday #3: Shabu shabu

After spending the morning at the Seoul Folk Flea Market, we headed to our weekly Korean class (15:00 - 17:00).  During class our teacher told us that next week we'll only have class for the first hour, and then we're taking a field trip to the Korean National Museum -- neat!  It's been a long time since I've been on a school field trip of any sort.

Some UW TTGs in a different leveled course met a guy from Milwaukee (small world!) that day in their class.  He's a professor at the university where we take Korean classes (man in suit below):

Since our beloved kimbap place (at which we've only eaten once) was closed that day (due to the Chuseok holiday), after class we asked him for a restaurant recommendation near the university.  He walked us to a Shabu Shabu place close by; this would be my first time eating the dish.

Shabu shabu

So there is a bit pot with broth in the middle, cooking on fire.  They bring you a big plate of vegetables and a plate of thinly shaved meat that you add into the boiling broth yourself:

There were also rice papers (bottom right of the collage below) to make yummy spring roll-esque creations with the meat and vegetables.  Note: You must dip the rice papers in the hot broth for them to be malleable.

After eating many bowls of the soup, we added in the fresh noodles that were brought out at the beginning.  These were so delicious!  They really thicken up the soup, giving a new texture to it all.

I've been told that at most shabu shabu places you normally add rice at the end, after eating all of the noodles, but we were not given rice with whatever it was we ordered.  We were still completely stuffed, though!  I think we paid around $8.50 each for this meal.

... and then we went next door and got waffles to top it off!

And then I was off to catch my bus home, so I would have the whole day on Sunday to lesson plan for the week (le sigh...)
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