Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chuseok - Saturday: Seoul Folk Flea Market

[Last Wednesday - Saturday I stayed in Seoul during the Chuseok holiday, Korean Thanksgiving.  The following post is about my final (fourth) day.  Here is day one, here is day two, here is day three - am, and here is day three - pm.]

When I booked our hostel, I booked four nights (Wednesday - Sunday).  I think it was Thursday night, back when I felt so terrible, that I thought about canceling my last night and going back home on Saturday night instead.  On Friday I played around with the idea some more, then went ahead and canceled it that day so I could get most of my money back.

So on Saturday morning I packed up my backpack and carried it around with me during the day so I could go straight home after class (the bus that I take home is just one metro stop from Korean class).

First we headed to the Seoul Folk Flea Market.  There was tons of stuff inside; sometimes the piles were overwhelming.  There were electronics, clothes, books, musical instruments (guitars -- yes), vitamins, probiotics, records, art, knick knacks -- almost everything you could think of.

My only purchase at the market was a pack of AA batteries, since the price was cheap.  I have never changed the batteries in my atomic alarm clock, which I purchased back in high school.  That's 7-8 years on the same two batteries!  So I wanted to be prepared for when they die.  Perhaps I bought really bad batteries that won't last long, and that's why they were so cheap.  I'll find out in good time, I guess.

There were lots of places to eat inside the flea market structure, but we went to Dongdaemun Market for a bit before Korean class and ate there.  At the Dongdaemun Market I bought a badminton racquet!  I don't think it's the greatest, but it was the lightest racquet at the stand.  I didn't know what the guy was telling me -- apart from price -- but I wanted to have my own so I bought it.


What: Seoul Folk Flea Market
Hours: 10:00 - 19:00
Closed: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month
Metro: Sinseoldong Station (Lines 1, 2)
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