Friday, September 27, 2013

Korea: Stationery jackpot

As many of you know, over the last year I've notably gone from just sending postcards while on trips to regularly sending snail mail to friends and family.  It's become a hobby of mine, something I spend a decent amount of my free time doing.  I joined the Letter Writers Alliance back in March, and have enjoyed using my birthday presents (notably rubber stamps and washi tape) to decorate cards and envelopes.

For the two and a half weeks in August that I was living with my parents before moving to South Korea, I had access to my mother's card-making/scrapbooking palace!  She has so many great supplies and gadgets for scrapbooking and card making.  In fact, I was so distracted by the workspace that I almost forgot we didn't have a dog!  Almost.  Ehh... not really.

Anyway, so I made cards:

And then I said goodbye to my family and friends, goodbye to the card-making room, goodbye to my dog and moved to Korea.  I brought my five rubber stamps, 4 rolls of washi tape, and markers along with me, but I knew my card-making days were over for the foreseeable future.  Little did I know, Korea is a paper person's heaven!

Cute stationery!  Colorful envelopes! Pretty paper! Neat notebooks!  And the best thing about it?  Cheap prices!  Here are some purchases I made during my first few weeks here:

Stationery sets
Stationery sets and notebook

Envelopes, journal, planner, notepad, envelopes

I'm already getting way ahead of myself with what I've bought -- and I've also decided that a good portion of a suitcase will probably be filled with paper products when I come home next year!

Who would have known.  Thank you, Korea!
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  1. I love the paper products in Korea... I'm always in serious danger when I head to the stationary store. Who needs notebooks, because I have about 3x as many as I need!

    1. Yeah - this past Saturday ten minutes before Korean class a friend showed me a great stationery store near the university. Luckily we didn't have much time, so I only got two sets of envelopes. I plan to go back next week when I have more time though, which is dangerous indeed!