Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chuseok - Friday am: Street art and "real" pizza

[Last Wednesday - Saturday I stayed in Seoul during the Chuseok holiday, Korean Thanksgiving.  The following post is day three of four.  Here is day one and here is day two.]

On Friday morning we were joined by three more TTGs, making us a happy party of 6.  A Taiwanese girl from our hostel invited us to come along with her to see some street art that happened to be within walking distance of our hostel.  She read about it in her guide book.  I'm so glad we ran into her that morning, otherwise we would have missed out on this unknown nearby treasure.

Pictures will suffice to describe our morning that day:

Pizza in Itaewon

One of my TTG friends had had a huge pizza craving that week.  Apparently Korean pizza is not like "American" pizza, but I haven't had Korean pizza yet so I'm not sure what the difference is.  Regardless, we headed to Itaewon (an area in Seoul with many international restaurants) in search of good pizza.  And it was finally found at The Pizza Peel:

We walked around Itaewon until about 16:30, then headed back to the hostel.  It ended up being perfect timing, because our seventh TTG (and token male that weekend) had just arrived at the hostel.

We sat around in the living room and caught up for a while, then decided we should continue talking elsewhere -- out at a cat cafe!  I'll tackle that experience in my next post, but know that cat cafes are all over Seoul.  And yes, it's a cafe with cats inside.
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