Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time flies, f'real

This past week has absolutely flown by.  It may have been the fastest week in the last 12 months.

Since my trip to La Crosse I have:

-- Received this slip of paper from UW in the mail.  So long loan #3!

-- Eaten for the first time at AJ Bombers in Madison, which surpassed my expectations.

-- Gone shopping with my mom and sister, buying three (much needed) pairs of shoes and various toiletries for the next year.

-- Gotten my hair cut really cutely by my cousin.  Third time's a charm!

-- Made $41 and got rid of / donated lots of stuff at my free garage "sale" on Friday.
(Yes, this is still on our driveway, a week later)

-- Helped my aunt "stage" for her move.

-- Gotten brunch with my old boss and friends.

-- Tried to bake cookies in Luke's car before a family dinner on Sunday.

-- Gotten all the siblings together under one roof for the final time in 2013

.... and probably some other things that I'm forgetting.  So I was mostly spending time with people, not packing.  The packing all happened today, and I've got some messy pictures to document the process.  If I get on top of things, I'll schedule some posts to go up while I'm in travel mode, otherwise it could be a few days until you hear from me on the blog.

Tomorrow I leave for Chicago in the morning, where we'll have an orientation at 3:30, followed by dinner and a night in a hotel.  They'll bus us to the airport on Thursday, then I'll take off for my 14-hour flight.  We arrive in Seoul around 5pm on Friday, but I'll have a few hours in the car after that to get to my little town.  You're so jealous of my next two days, I know.

I won't have internet in my apartment right away, but I'm expecting to be working at school on Monday (Sept. 2) where I'm also expecting internet.  Until then!
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