Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fab Four: On the lake at Chad's cabin

Given everyone's busy summer plans, we hadn't had a Fab Four get together since the May cookout at Bill's.  This past Saturday we all got together at Chad's family's cabin for a final reunion before I leave for South Korea.  It was a gorgeous day, and we were luckily able to spend time out on the lake courtesy of Chad's family's pontoon:

The Fab Four, August 2013

We joined Chad's family out there, who made for wonderful company:

They gave us a lake tour, pointing out the main attractions.  The first was Willie's Wharf, a nautically-decorated area along a rocky coast.  I guess an older man (Willie) used to sit up in the wharf and play music as boats passed, but Chad et al. hasn't seen Willie for about two years now...

Also included on the tour were some amazing houses on the lake.  We'd slow down and majorly gawk: 

^^If I remember correctly, this house had an outdoor and an indoor pool. Yup, on the lake.

This one is rumored to be Oprah's "cabin":

Seeing the sailboats out on the lake made me think of Hannah and all our time spent out on the water in Hudson, QC.  Being on a lake didn't feel so foreign anymore!

To end the tour, we pulled off to grab a drink at a bar on the lake.  The water on that coast was so green!

We finished the day (welcomed the night?) with dinner at the local bar:

I know it won't be for over a year (hard to fathom), but I'm already looking forward to the next Fab Four outing!
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