Sunday, August 4, 2013

Visiting Picnic Point

This evening JJ and I biked to Picnic Point -- well, as close as you can get before the walking-only path begins.  I've somehow never been to Picnic Point, even though I did my undergrad in Madison, so it made a good biking destination.

Picnic Point is a peninsula along Lake Mendota's southern shore.  Here's an aerial view:
Picnic Point

Many people go to Picnic Point for campfires or picnics, but we just walked out to the tip and back to appreciate the scenery.

Wisconsin State Capitol as seen from Picnic Point

If you live in Madison and have never been to Picnic Point, I highly recommend visiting before summer ends!
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  1. This is a second Madison thing I haven't done yet. First one is Ian's Pizza :(