Saturday, August 31, 2013

Packing for South Korea

Guess what?  I do have internet in my apartment right away after all!  So now I can tell you all about my last full-day at home (Tuesday), spent packing.  Splendid.

Here's how my room looked in the morning.  There were no clothes in the suitcases, just various toiletries* and other items I wanted to bring along:

There was also still an unpacked suitcase (from when I moved out of my apartment on August 10) and a box in the hallway outside of my bedroom, not pictured above.

Before I show the next photos and time, let me say that I did G+ with Hannah for at least an hour later that morning, and chatted with CC and my grandma for a bit on the phone as well.  

So at 2pm, I had started to make clothes piles of each different type of clothing group (e.g. shorts, dress pants, socks, leggings, sweaters, etc.), so that I could then select a few from each pile to bring along:

About fifteen minutes later, I discovered my clothes that had been hanging in the sister's closet.  Whoops, forgot about those.  So I pulled them all out and stacked them up, then went through one by one taking off the hanger and throwing the item in its correct pile:

I had made good progress by 5:30pm when papa and I left the house for dinner and drinks with mother and a family friend.  So we didn't get back until 9pm or so, and I had finished packing by 10:11:

Also not pictured above, but I would like to note that I made both of the beds in the room; the bedroom is looking good.  (And sister, I expect it to look no messier when I come back!)

*Note: Having packed for a year twice before (Madrid), I've acquired some year-long packing habits.  I usually buy multiple toothpastes, deodorants, tampons, and a thing of shampoo.  I bring along some cue tips, floss, etc.  All this stuff will get used up during the year, meaning I'll have more space for the return trip.  If I bring along a regular-sized towel (which I've done for both years in Madrid and this year in South Korea), I leave it behind at the end of the year, again making more space in the luggage for the return trip.  I've learned that you can buy anything you need, so when in doubt leave it behind.
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