Thursday, August 8, 2013

German in Madison (Part 2)


Max returned to my apartment around 10:30 on Monday.  He had a wonderful time at the wedding in Portland over the weekend. (Part 1 of his visit can be found here).

Suprisingly, Max was set on going to Ian's Pizza -- again!  And he was able to eat three whole pieces -- again!

After Ian's we stopped at A Room of One's Own used and new bookstore just off of State Street, so that Max could look for a new French book to read.  Their foreign section was quite small, but the bookstore itself is so much bigger than I expected it to be.  The store goes way far back, as you pass through room after room after room.

I also discovered this place is heaven for paper enthusiasts like me.  There's a huge selection of cards up front -- so the next time you need a unique birthday, greeting, or thank you card, be sure to come here!  There were also great journals, notebooks, and stationery.  It was so tempting to purchase some of the on-sale stationery kits, but since I'm soon leaving the country with only two suitcases in hand (and keeping in mind my August focus of less is more), I happily left empty handed.

After nap time, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few more items to have a taco dinner.  I also made Max try some Wisconsin cheese curds I had bought at the Farmer's Market on Saturday.

We watched a ridiculous movie that night, A Night on Earth.  It's about five taxi drivers from different cities of the world, and their passenger.  Max had seen the first two scenes at school once, in English class.  The first two were pretty entertaining, especially since the movie was made in 1991.  The third scene took place in Paris, so everything was in French.  The fourth was in Rome (Italian), and the fifth in Helsinki -- so we both fell asleep during the final segment, because we couldn't understand anything and were tired.


On Tuesday my grandma picked us up and we went to the Wisconsin State Fair (near Milwaukee, WI) with the sister.  This was my first time being at the State Fair, but I'd been to the Dane County Fair before and generally knew what to expect.  Max, on the other hand, had no idea what to expect at said "fair".

We saw lots of animals -- most importantly the pigs and steers that my cousins brought to the fair.

We saw Kids from Wisconsin perform, some cute baby donkeys, and Max ate a cream puff:

I enjoyed the indoor cakes/crafts/plans/etc exhibits.  These cakes were amazing!

Max and I gave archery a try:

It was a fun day at the fair, and great to spend it outside in the sun, rather than cooped up in my office.


On Wednesday I went to work while Max shopped on State Street, visited the Monona Terrace, and ate lunch at Rocky Rococo's!  That night we went back to the Great Dane for dinner: our last supper!

Max spent the rest of the night packing, as he left very early on Thursday morning to catch a 5am bus to Chicago.  From there, he'll take another bus to Ann Arbor to hang out with Chris Michigan.  Thanks for visiting, Max, you're welcome back any time!
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