Saturday, July 6, 2013

William Z. Villain release show at Bright Red Studios

After celebrating papa's birthday on the fourth, I attended William Z. Villain's release show on the evening of the fifth.  William Z. Villain is headed by Bill Villain, a friend from high school.  He's crazy talented, and a joy to watch perform.  

The William Z. Villain release show took place at Bright Red Studios, a communal studio/gallery/performance space.  You can see some of the art hanging on the walls in the picture below:

William Z. Villain at Bright Red Studios

Openers were Dog Hotel and Dharmonic Deluxe.  There were some neat graphics projected on the wall during the performances.

I was sure to pick up a physical copy of William Z. Villain's EP, though download codes were available for purchase as well.  The CD came wrapped in a limited edition print - on Woodmans paper bags!  Mine's hanging up on my wall in my room. 

William Z. Villain
William Z. Villain
Art by Terrence Adeyanju

Can you see the resemblance to the real Bill Villain?  (Note: He's not really a villain -- he's very nice).  

William Z. Villain at Bright Red Studios
Bill Villain
William Z. Villain performing at Bright Red Studios
Madison, WI 

The one and only Dan Collins and a Piano was in the audience that night, so Bill Villain invited him to come play piano during one of their songs -- a fun surprise!  I have no visual evidence, but it did happen.

If you missed the show, you can purchase the digital album and download William Z. Villain's tracks here!

I'll leave you with youtube clips of my two favorite WZV songs:

Anybody Gonna Move? -- William Z. Villain

Cliff (Annalise)* -- William Z. Villain

*Warning: Listening to this song may result in you belting "I stole a car and I drove off a cliff" all day in your office, and your coworkers may think you're a bit cray-cray.
• • •


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