Monday, July 29, 2013

Wedding in Minneapolis

After returning from two weeks in Hudson, QC, Canada; I quickly unpacked my suitcase Thursday night and packed a weekend backpack for my cousin's wedding in Minneapolis.

I went up to LaCrosse with my parents on Friday night and we stayed at my brother's college house.  We drove the remaining hours to Minneapolis on Saturday morning, bringing Luke with us.

The wedding was held in a Norwegian church, as the bride is from Norway.

Luke and the sister played music (piano and violin, respectively) for the wedding:

The reception afterwards was on the shore of Lake Minnetonka.  Rather than clinking glasses to make the newlyweds kiss, attendees could go up to the mic and sing any song with the word "love" in it.  Papa and I kicked it off by singing the "I love you" song from Barney.

The family of this cousin mostly resides in Wausau and Green Bay, so it was really great to see everyone.  I always love hanging out with these relatives.

I tuckered myself out from dancing on Saturday night, and felt extra exhausted on Sunday by the time we drove back and I got dropped off in Madison.  Was definitely due to being on the go and traveling for weeks.

Fun wedding though!  The last wedding I went to was my aunt and uncle's wedding my sophomore year of college, so five years ago?  I haven't been to any friends' weddings yet.  I'm unfortunately missing one in September, as I'll be out of the country, so I wonder whose will be next.  Vamos a ver.
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