Monday, July 15, 2013

Reca's first regatta

On Saturday morning I went with Hannah and her two students to a regatta about 30 minutes from Hudson.  We were out on the boat all day:

This was the first regatta that her two junior racing students (ages 10-11) competed in.  They sail in optimists (optis), pictured below.

TRY at Pointe Claire, QC

There are multiple races per day in a regatta.  After each race, each of the boys would come find Hannah and sail up to the side of her boat.  Coach Hannah would then go over what they did well during the race, and what they could change to go faster.

The boat pictured below is the race committee (RC).

Hannah taught me lots about sailing throughout both days.  There's a lot more to it than I thought!  For example, you must learn an alphabet of different flags, all with different meanings.  The race committee puts up different flags throughout the regatta, and you must always be watching and know what they mean.  There's also a five minute start sequence at the beginning of each race, and different flags are put up at each minute mark leading up to the start.  And those are just flags -- there's obviously tons to know about the sail boat and the different turns, etc.

There were three wind surfers racing on the same course as the optis over the weekend. 

We ate lunch out on the boat each day, which is normal for sailors.  On Saturday they only got two races in, then racing was cancelled for the rest of the day because there just wasn't any wind.  Hannah and I drove in to the city (Montreal) and went to one of Hannah's friend's housewarming parties that evening/night.  Needless to say we were up late.  We stayed over at another friend's house in Montreal, then woke up early on Sunday to head back to the regatta. 

On Sunday the optis got in four races, and then we stayed for the awards ceremony that evening.  After the awards ceremony that evening, Hannah and I grabbed some dinner on our way to her ultimate frisbee game.

I stayed on the sidelines and watched the game.  We slept well that night once we got home!
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