Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday: Hasta luego, Hudson

Leaving Hudson on Thursday was quite sad.  I had to say goodbye to Hannah in the morning when I dropped her off late for work (She's an invited coach at Fruit Bowl!), so it was brief.  Then back at the house for the rest of the morning, everything I looked at reminded me of Hannah (duh, I'm in her house!), so that made it difficult to try to push it out of my mind.

Max drove me to the airport in Montreal using Hannah's car.  It was nice that Max was the one to drive me there, because I got to say "See you soon" instead of goodbye, since Max will be visiting me in Madison come Monday.

Once I got to the Cleveland airport, I found out my flight back to Madison was delayed two hours.  I already had over an hour's layover originally, so now I had multiple hours to kill as I sat in limbo.

Miraculously the Cleveland airport has free wifi, so I got to work on some blog posts and photo uploading as I waited!

About a half an hour before our new delayed boarding time, they announced that all passengers on the flight to Madison could come pick up a $5 food voucher.  Score!  I went to subway and brought a sub and muffin with me on the plane for dinner.

As we finally boarded the plane, everyone was handed a coupon packet from United Airlines.  Its contents?  10% off your next United flight and a beverage voucher -- good for one alcoholic beverage in flight.  Double score!

I cashed in the beverage coupon during the short flight back to Madison on a glass mini bottle of red wine with my dessert.

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