Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer in Vermont: Sunday Sail

After breakfast on Sunday, we cleaned up the house and started packing up our things.  After a visit with Hannah's grandma, we were back on the road - to New York.  We met Hannah's parents to go for a sail on Lake Champlain, which lies between Vermont and New York.  Her parents had been living out on the boat for a few weeks: summer vacation.

Since I never got to go sailing with Hannah in Spain, I had added that item to my life list back when I started Rebe With a Clause.  I'm happy to report that it has now been checked off!

We took two trips from the dock out to the 42' sail boat, since we were so many people.

Once aboard and away from the port, Hannah and her dad helped teach Hermann and Max how to steer the sailboat.

We had some lunch, then swung off the boat by a rope and jumped in for a swim!  I wore a life jacket; big lake waves/currents are scary.

We sat down and had some dessert after the swim.  Hannah's mom pulled out some old summer journals that Hannah and her sister had illustrated back when they spent their elementary summers out on the boat.  Her mom would write daily detailed entries, and the girls took turns drawing related pictures on the left-hand side.

I thought it was a really great idea - a wonderful way to savor those memories.  Especially when you're spending so many consecutive days in one place, out on the water, those journals must have really helped to differentiate the days.

Before long, the sun was much lower in the sky, and it was time to head back to shore so we could drive back to Hudson, QC. 

Thank you Hannah and family for that afternoon of sailing! 
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