Friday, July 19, 2013

Tuesday - Thursday in Hudson: Morning and afternoon routine

I kind of got in a morning/afternoon routine with Hannah this past Tuesday through Thursday.

I think every day I was up for bagel breakfasts with Hannah between 7:30 and 8.  Hannah would leave for work around 8:15 and I had the mornings to myself.  I somehow always had more to do than I could finish, but my mornings were a combination of: journaling, reading, blogging, uploading pictures, going to the post office, and packing lunches for Hannah and I.  On Tuesday morning mowed the lawn (on a riding mower)!

Around 11:15 is when I would start getting the lunches ready.  I would put on my swim suit (newly acquired in Ottawa) and throw on athletic shorts and the same tank top.  I'd put the lunches, two water bottles, and sunscreen in my bag, and then bike down to the yacht club for 12:00 lunch with Hannah.

After the hour-long lunch break, I would stay at work with Hannah for the afternoons, accompanying her out on the motor boat just like at the regatta (her boss okayed it -- thank you James!).

It was wonderful to spend the time with Hannah, be outside in the sun, learn about sailing, and to be around well-behaved & entertaining kids.

We would finish up around 4pm, after Hannah debriefed with her junior sailors.
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