Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ottawa: Beavertails, Obama, and Old Navy sales

Since Hannah worked all weekend at the TRY regatta (and so her two junior sailors could have a day of rest), they didn't have class on Monday -- aka Hannah had the day off!

We packed our bags again and drove to Ottawa (the capital of Canada) to visit Hannah's sister.

We got there in the afternoon, around 1pm, and borrowed bikes from Hannah's sister's house to explore while she was working.  We biked along the canal and stopped at some benches to eat our packed lunches.

We followed the bike path all the way to these locks on the canal:

Then we biked to the parliament buildings - there are three.  We went behind the buildings first to check out the great view. 

Then we biked back out front to take some pictures.

I'd also like to mention that it's been super hot since I arrived.  I've been wearing a sports bra most days so I can just sweat through it.  While driving place to place in the car (no AC), my shirt usually comes off because again -- I'd just sweat through it.  The weekend of the regatta I believe it was 31 C, feels like 39 C with humidity.  That's 87 F, feels like 102 F with humidity.  

Anyways, the heat found us in Ottawa  too, so you can imagine biking around under a beating sun...

Not far from the parliament buildings was an outdoor market/area with shops: Byward Market.

You'll never guess who I ran into in a bakery near the market... Mr. President Obama!

Obama in Canada
I love this country

Next I bought a beavertail, a Canadian sweet treat of fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar. 

Beavertails in Ottawa

We did some shopping at a nearby Old Navy (20% off everything in the store).  I got a pair of much needed flip flops ($3), and a much needed swimsuit ($16).  The swimsuit top and bottom were originally $17 each, but they were on sale for $8 each.  And then I got to take 20% off everything!

We then biked to Hannah's sister's workplace so the three of us could bike home together.  Once home, Hannah and I tried to cool down and stop sweating before we were off again -- this time in car to the home of Hannah's sister's boyfriend's parents.  We had dinner there for the boyfriend's sister's birthday.

We slept over at Hannah's sister's house in Ottawa, then woke up early on Tuesday morning to drive back to Hudson.  I really liked the feel of Ottawa - calmer than any other capital city I've been to, and very clean.
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