Friday, July 19, 2013

Tuesday - Thursday in Hudson: Evenings

Although the days this week began to feel routine, the evenings were all different.


On Tuesday after work, Hannah had an ultimate game on the east side of Montreal.  Due to the distance and traffic, it took us a good hour and a half to drive there.  It was another hot day, so yup, the shirt definitely came off in the car.


Exhausted from being on the go since I arrived (and I'm guessing before I arrived too...), we skipped Hannah's ultimate game on Wednesday and had a nice night in.  It rained in the evening too, which really cooled things down.  First we baked some cookies to take with us this weekend ("weekend in Vermont!")

We had a pizza dinner with wine while watching the movie Crazy, Stupid Love.  Ice cream was consumed as well!


On Thursday evening we headed back to the Montreal Airport -- this time to pick up Max, our German friend!  I met Max the same way I met Hannah - on Madrid's ultimate frisbee team Quijotes+Dulcineas.  This past year Max was one of Hannah's roommates too!

When we got home, we made a yummy rice, broccoli, and pot stickers dinner:

Fun week -- the plan this weekend is to pick up Hermann Friday evening at the airport, then drive to Vermont for the weekend to stay at Hannah's family's cottage.
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