Saturday, July 13, 2013

Exploring Hudson, Canada

Hannah met me at the Montreal airport Thursday night, and found me without any problems.  

While she was at work on Friday I took a walk around Hudson.  Hudson is a small town located 60km west of Montreal with a population just over 5,000.  

Creek behind Hannah's yard

Walking around reminded me a bit of the neighborhood where my grandma lives: private, no sidewalks, and no curbs.  The amount of greenery and trees in this town also really stuck out to me.

Hudson, QC, Canada

I later read in Hudson's wikipedia page that "Large lot sizes, enforced by town by-laws, contribute to the relatively large number of trees in the residential areas."

Hudson, QC, Canada

The town wasn't completely devoid of sidewalks though, sometimes a sidewalk would exist on just one side of the street.  More often than not, in these situations I somehow always found myself on the side without a sidewalk. 

Hannah said a few years ago this large chair randomly appeared on one of the street corners.  She's not really sure why or what it's for, but I deemed it picture worthy.

Giant chair Hudson QC
Giant chair in Hudson, QC

I got my hair cut during the afternoon on Friday -- which is a story in itself for another post -- and bought a few things from the grocery store.  I wandered in and out of some stores and shops, then made my way back to Hannah's house.

That afternoon once Hannah had finished work (well, her day shift), her sweet neighbor dropped off some Montreal bagels! Nom nom.  

Hannah had to work the Friday night barbecue from 6-9, so I walked down to the yacht club just before 9.  Hannah and I ate dinner together there, grabbed a drink with some of her friends afterwards, then came home exhausted from a week that wasn't over yet (She would work on Saturday and Sunday, coaching at a regatta!).

Next post: Reca's first regatta, TRY.
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