Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star spangled birthday

My Fourth of July festivities began on the evening of the 3rd at Concert on the Square.

Concert on the Square

I went to the concert with my grandma:

Concert on the square with grandma

We had a great Indonesian meal from one of the food stands -- $5 a piece!  It was some chicken, peanut, potato stew on rice with a lentil salad.  Each meal is $10, but the servings are so large that grandma asked if they could split up one serving into two containers, and surprisingly they did!

Despite all of the pauses and waiting for the "rain" (mist) to pass, it was a good concert.  Some cannons definitely went off waaay too early during the 1812 Overture - whoops!

The crowd at Concert on the Square
Madison, WI
July 3, 2013

Fourth of July birthday

I stayed overnight at my grandma's, then she and my aunt and I all went to my parents' house on July 4 to celebrate my dad's birthday.  The younger brother wrote this song, Star-Spangled Birthday, for the occasion:

My dad usually gets something Fourth of July related each year on his birthday.  Here's the front yard as proof:

Walking in to the front door, there was clearly a new addition to the decorations:

He is thin and tall, and apparently courtesy of grandma.

We had a yummy grilled lunch -- brats and chicken, with sides of potato wedges, fruit, potato salad, and broccoli salad.

Fourth of July lunch
Fourth of July birthday lunch

The dessert was very exciting.  Along with brownies and ice cream, my grandma made two pies.  There will be a whole separate post about these pies that my grandma made, but here's the teaser for now:

Both of these slices were introduced as "apple pie", but they are made from very different ingredients.  What's the difference?

No fireworks for us on the fourth, but we did make papa open some cards and presents.  Here's the card my mom made:

55 birthday card
Happy 55th birthday!

Happy star-spangled birthday, papa!

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