Monday, July 22, 2013

Crossing the Canadian Border

After the afternoon sail with Hannah's parents, we drove back to Hudson, QC.  We hit a bit of a line when we got to the NY / Canada border, which I'd forgotten about.  But it makes sense, on a Sunday evening.

As we inched up in line, I glanced behind me and saw a "Welcome to New York" sign on the other side of the street.  We weren't going anywhere, so I used the opportunity to take a confusing photo.  You can see the line of cars on the left side of the photo, waiting to get back into Canada.

Hannah was driving, but she would occasionally jump out to throw with Herm and I in the other lane (no cars were coming to NY from Canada).

Meanwhile Max comfortably? read in the car.

... nearly there!

Crossing back to Canada was a lot easier than when we crossed to the USA on Friday night.  Again, Herm collected everyone's passports as we neared the window.  We made sure to have all of them this time!  

Imagine our surprise when the Canadian border patrol guy tells us we only had three passports.  I know.  Herm found the fourth on the floor of the passenger seat -- again!  How this happened twice, I still have no idea.  

But anyway, he asked Hannah some questions in French.  She answered and spoke on behalf of all of us.  He returned all four of our passports and we drove on through!
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