Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday: Sail numbers and grilling out

On Wednesday morning I stopped in at Hudson's thrift shop and bought a $5 dress for my cousin's wedding this weekend.  A good find!

I went to work with Hannah in the afternoon of my last full day in Hudson.  It was extremely windy and chilly, so we actually didn't go sailing when I was there.  The kids worked on a poster of the sailing flags in preparation for their regatta (Fruit Bowl) coming up that weekend.  Hannah and I worked on cutting out and attaching numbers to each of her kids' sails.

It took more time than I thought, since there are all of these rules about distance between numbers, distance from edge of sail to the first number, etc.  We were continuously measuring with a ruler and pencil.  Also, these numbers are permanent, permanent -- so they needed to be put on neatly.  We finished three of the four sails that afternoon.

That night Hannah had some high school friends over for a barbecue.  I think six people came, so we were ten people total.

A few times during the night I would catch myself thinking about the fact that I would be leaving tomorrow, but I'd have to shove the thoughts out of my head to keep composed.
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