Saturday, June 1, 2013

Resolutions Checkpoint: May

Hello summer (June)!  Time to check in on all of my new year's resolutions.

--May Focus--

Following suit of what I did in April, I chose again to only focus on one area during May: mindfulness.  The first few days of the month I quietly meditated for five minutes before bed, but the habit did not form (I wasn't tracking it anywhere that I could visually see!)  I'll be announcing in a few days a new online happiness tool that I get to "pioneer", which should help with mindfulness during June.

--Updated Resolutions--

Since we're nearly halfway through 2013, I went through all of my resolutions from January and decided to eliminate the ones I haven't touched (that aren't overly important to me), tweak some, or in a few cases add a completely new goal.  I want to focus on fewer goals for the rest of the year and really see some progress.  So, you'll see less each checkpoint from here on out (but hopefully more "+"s)!

--Overall Progress--

So here we go, my current progress on all resolutions that made the cut:

  • (+) Read 32 books -- I've read 14 books of 32, which means I'm on track (according to Goodreads).
  • (  ) Five of the 32 will be in Spanish -- I have read 1 / 5 books in Spanish. (Hermanos monigotes II)
  • (+) Five of the 32 will be books that I own in my apartment -- I have read 8 / 5 books that I own in my apartment.  Now I'm hitting up the library again, and reading ebooks on my kindle.  
  • (-) Two of the 32 books will be in French -- I have not sought out any French book yet, but after I finish my current two I'll head back to the library again.
  • (+) Take probiotics every day -- I'm still taking probiotics most days, but haven't been tracking it.
  • (+) Read JJ's info from health center; read the health book his Dr. recommended -- I've read pertinent information from the book The Road to Perfect Health, lent to me by JJ.

  • (-) Write in journal every day -- I wrote in my journal 6 / 31 days in May, again I'm aiming to bump that up in June.  I started this journal on June 13, 2012, and I've only got about 28 pages left.  My goal is to fill them all up by June 13, or July at the latest.  I've got an awesome journal that I bought in Paris last fall to use next.
  • (  ) Only log in to facebook 1x/day maximum -- Some days I log in to Facebook more than once a day.  I think there will be a post this month about my conflicting feelings about Facebook, since it's been on my mind lately.
  • (+) Focus on gratitude -- I've been keeping up with my Thankful Thursdays, as well as mailing out thank you cards for various reasons.  The happiness site that I'm "pioneering" should help me keep focused on gratitude for the rest of the year.

  • (+) Do something physical at least two days a week -- Having two frisbee games a week for the rest of the summer, I should be able to continue meeting this goal.  I usually play a third day each week at a practice.
  • (+) Go to the French conversation table! -- Now that my ultimate games aren't on Mondays anymore, I've started going to French conversation table again (right after Spanish Conversation Table, which is being organized by me this summer).  I'm quite pleased with my participation in these language groups this year, and have made friends from both!
  • (  ) Learn basic Korean -- This is a new goal that I decided to add this month, so we'll see how it goes at the end of the month.  I'm talking basic, basic phrases.  The alphabet.  That would be a good start.
  • (+) Visit Hannah in Canada -- I'm going to a town near Montreal for two weeks in July!  It's coming so quickly, and I'm very excited to reunite with Hannah, Max, and Hermann.  Mis amigos!
  • (+) Blog once a month on Oh No She Madridn't -- I just changed this goal from once a week to once a month.  I think that will be more attainable and feel less overwhelming.  And I did post once in May, so I get a plus!
  • (+) Comment on at least two blogs a week -- I continue to do this, though I haven't been tracking it on Chains.  Maybe that means I've formed a habit!
  • My 100-hour TEFL/TESOL certification course is nearing its end.  Because of the summer seasons and my limited time in Madison, I've decided to eliminate the MOOC goals I had.  I'd rather spend time outside with friends than behind a computer screen studying on a sunny day.  When I do find myself with time behind a computer screen (perhaps this fall/winter while teaching in Korea...), I want to tackle programming. So some language will be first -- maybe html.

--June Focus--

My June focus is going to be staying off of the computer when I get home in the evenings.  I spend all day in front of a screen at work, and although I usually learn something interesting and love reading blogs / browsing the web, the time would be better spent reading, writing in my journal, or playing guitar.

How is everyone else doing on their new year's resolutions?
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