Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taste of New Glarus 2013

Brother Teej recently moved to Belleville, WI after starting a new job in New Glarus.  Wanting to see where he now lives, Brother Teej picked me up on Saturday morning and we headed towards Belleville.  This weekend conveniently happened to be Taste of New Glarus, so we actually stopped there first to explore.

One of the earlier stops was New Glarus Bakery, where I bought a few treats:

New Glarus Bakery WI
New Glarus Bakery
New Glarus, WI

New Glarus Bakery WI
New Glarus Bakery
New Glarus, WI

There were lots of neat shops with vintage and hand-crafted items:

Vintage shop New Glarus WI

New Glarus makes me think of the beer/brewery, but New Glarus is well known for its Swiss heritage.  There were reminders of this all over town:

New Glarus Foods Inc
New Glarus Foods, Inc.
New Glarus, WI

There was an art fair going on in a nearby park.  This guy below (right) makes banjos out of various materials.  He was also entertaining to talk with, and he brought this picture into existence:

New Glarus WI banjo

It rained off and on while we were in the art fair area, but I'd say most of the time it was not raining.

These two gentlemen put on a nice performance:

Brother Teej and I treated ourselves to some homemade brats.  I had the apple brat, and he had the beer & onion brat.  Nom nom.

Taste of New Glarus apple brat
Apple brat at Taste of New Glarus
New Glarus, WI

On the corner was this cheese/chocolate shop, where I picked up two New Glarus post cards.

We had stayed in about a two-block radius while at Taste of New Glarus, which encompassed the town's hotel and most restaurants.  The population is only 2,172 there; Brother Teej says everyone has to go to the post office to pick up their mail.

The short drive to Belleville was pleasant, thanks to all of the green:

I forgot to take pictures inside the brother's new house, but I did get a shot of his huge backyard (with porch).  The lot line goes a bit beyond the farthest tree, to the soccer goal post that you can't see very well:  

That will be an awesome backyard for grilling and throwing disc.  It's also a nice area in Wisconsin for biking and other outdoorsy activities.

Oh, I did get one picture of inside the house, but just in the basement.  Because of all this rain in southcentral Wisconsin, his basement was flooded.  That morning when Brother Teej left home to pick me up, it was actually dry down there (after much vacuuming and drying the previous couple of days).  But the little rain that happened during the day seeped right back in, since the ground is still so wet from the week's storms.

I had never vacuumed water before, so I gave it a go.  Brother Teej had to actually turn it off in order to get me to stop...heh


If you've never been and live nearby, I recommend a day trip to New Glarus -- preferably on a day when they have a festival.  Apparently festivals happen all the time in New Glarus, so you're in luck.  It's a quaint little town that makes me feel a little more connected to Europe.
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