Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happify: Forming daily happiness habits

On June 6 I received an email (definitely mass) from Rick Held, head of marketing at Happify.  Happify is a NYC-based company whose goal is to teach the science of happiness in a new way to a large number of people.  Here's a more detailed explanation from Rick's email:  
"Happify is led by a group of proven serial entrepreneurs who have teamed up with the leading scientists and coaches in happiness research and training. Our goal is to provide users with an innovative new online/mobile product that uses interactive activities and games to help users form daily happiness habits and build social connections with like-minded happiness seekers."
He then wrote that they're looking for "pioneers" to test out the site, so I followed the link and applied.  I'm not sure what search criteria they used to find my blog in the first place, but I'm sure glad they did because the next day I became a Happify-beta Pioneer.

Happiness tracks

There are currently ten different tracks to choose from when you register for Happify.  You can change your track later if you'd like, but I still found it hard to choose my first one.  I thought that by choosing one and not another, I would be missing out on what the other tracks offered.

Happify tracks 1

Happify tracks 2

Happify tracks 3

Happify tracks 4

I narrowed it down slightly by eliminating all of the children/marriage tracks, but only slightly.  In the end I went with "cope better with stress," hoping it would help reduce worry.  I'm currently on part 2 of this track, and plan to try out other tracks in the future.

Cope better with stress: Part 2

I'm not sure how many parts each track has, but here's a screenshot of part 2:

You have a week for each part of the track, and several happiness activities to complete during that week.  Each Happify activity falls into one of five categories: Savor, Thank, Aspire, Give, or Empathize.

Most activities just take a few minutes to complete, and I do see how they increase your happiness, often by changing your focus.  The top right corner of each activity has a "Why it works" button, which explains the science behind the exercise.

Social aspect

Happify is also part social, allowing users to follow other users and see one another's completed activities.  So far, this is one of my least favorite features; I would still be a fan of the site if it didn't have this element.  Followers are for Twitter, I say!  Also, so far most of the activities I've seen/done are personal; the activity is done to help yourself, and the information you provide is usually private.  Sure there's the option of only letting yourself see the post when you complete an activity, but then why have the public option in the first place?  Perhaps there are benefits to the Happify community that I haven't yet discovered, but at this point I feel like Happify's trying to imitate Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, when it really doesn't need to.  The content is sound and would stand well on its own.

Five free Happify invitations

Does Happify look like something you'd like to try out?  I've got five three invites left!  Leave a comment with your email address and tell me which track you would try first!  Tweet me your preferred track (@RebeWithaClause) for another chance to win.  Five lucky commenters/tweeters will be selected June 23.
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  1. I believe I would like to attempt to nurture my body and soul. You have my email, use it!