Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Resolutions Checkpoint: April 2013

Welcome, May!  Time to check in on all of my new year's resolutions.

--April Focus--

Last month I took a different approach, and decided to focus on only one area during April: fitness.  I give myself a huge plus!
(+)  Fitness
I had signed up for an 8K that would take place on April 27, so I was getting out to run about twice a week.  My spring ultimate frisbee league finally started up (after many cancellations due to rain and poor field conditions) near the end of April.  So now that's got me playing games twice a week, with opportunity to play pick-up or go to a pod practice on the weekends.

--Overall Progress--

So here we go, my current progress on all resolutions:

  • (+) I've read 12 books of 32, which means I'm 3% ahead of schedule (according to Goodreads). 
  • (+) I have read 1 / 5 books in Spanish. (Hermanos monigotes II)
  • (+) I have read 5 / 5 books that I own in my apartment.  (Gone Girl, The Handmaid's Tale, Paris to the Moon, The Alibi Man, and But Inside I'm Screaming).  I've actually read two more, and plan to keep reading from my shelf instead of hitting up the library.
  • (-) Have not sought out any French book yet. 
  • (-) Have not bought vitamin B and D, but I made it through the winter so again, maybe this isn't necessary?
  • (+) I'm still taking probiotics most days, and tracking it on Chains when I remember to do so! 
  • (+) JJ gave me the health info and has lent me the book The Road to Perfect Health.
  • (+) I still eat chocolate at work.  However, the plus this month comes from the fact that Izzy (with whom I work) has started a fasting diet.  On Mondays and Thursdays she only eats 500 calories - and that means no work chocolates.  She's shown great self discipline with this diet, and has inspired me to not eat any work chocolates on Mondays and Thursdays.  This is making it easier to pass up on the remaining three weekdays, as well.  Progress.


  • (+) Stretched before/after every run and practice/game.
  • (-) I let the arms slide this month, as I ran outdoors instead.
  • (+) I ran for 40+min at least twice a week until the 8K on April 26, and now I'm playing in ultimate games on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • (-) Not my April focus, didn't happen.
  • (-) Haven't been practicing!
  • (+) Went to the French conversation table in April until my ultimate games stopped getting cancelled.
  • (-) Haven't spent that much time on Duolingo in April.
  • (-) Did not touch my French grammar book in April.
  • (+) I bought my plane ticket to visit Hannah for two weeks in July!  Traveled to Iowa for a conference!
  • (+) Have been working on step two of my South Korea application: Asking for letters of recommendation, enrolled in an online TEFL course, waiting for my background check to be mailed back from DC...
  • (-) Have not even thought about looking at the Statistics class 
  • (-) I'm taking a real class now! (TEFL certification), no MOOCs for Reca right now.
  • (-) Did not scrapbook in April, though I've been getting into the letter-writing craft.
  • (-) Have not begun the inspiration binder. 

--May Focus--

At that mindfulness-based stress reduction breakout session from one of my April conferences, the instructor told us that meditating for 5 minutes every day is much more helpful than meditating for an hour once a week.  And if you can't do 5 minutes, do 2 minutes a day.  So in May I will try to get in the habit of meditating for 5 minutes a day. (And if that doesn't work, 2 minutes!)

How is everyone else doing on their new year's resolutions?
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