Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiny treasures: Golden gift from Grandma

On my birthday last month, my grandma gave me a special gift.  Take a look:

Not sure exactly what it is?  I wasn't either.  Take a look from the other side:

Vintage address book keychain

Okay, I'll open it up:

Vintage address book keychain

I'm not sure if this has a specific name, but basically it's an address-book key chain.  Someone had given it to my grandma as a gift years ago, and she had never written in it.  Since it was my golden birthday, she wanted to give me something golden.

I love that I've never seen one of these before,  it's aged, it's small, it's from my grandma, and it keeps one connected to their friends by post and by phone.

Vintage address book keychain
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