Friday, April 5, 2013

Trader Joe's British Style Crumpets

At my most recent trip to Trader Joe's last night (with the sister, in fact), I bought some cinnamon British Style Crumpets (In honor of you, Herm.  And soon you, Hannah!).

Trader Joe's British Style Crumpets - Cinnamon
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It's an item I've never purchased before, but it caught my eye in the bread section when I was explaining to the sister that the only two kinds of cinnamon bread at Trader Joe's both have raisins!  This is a no-no, so I decided to try the crumpets.  I had my first one this morning and I'm in love.

I popped it in the toaster.  Spread on some of my Earth Balance Buttery Spread, then it's time to eat up!  Was comparable to a cinnamon-y pancake.

Have you ever eaten or made crumpets?  Where?
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  1. How did they compare to English muffins? Just softer?

    1. I spoke too soon. Here's a nice article:

    2. Taste-wise they really only remind me of pancakes, not English muffins at all. I read that article, I'm curious as to how they get cooked the whole way through if it's only cooked on one side.

      I was unsure of which end was the "top" and which was the "bottom", but according to that article the flat end is the bottom?