Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Resolutions checkpoint 2013: March

We are now just over three months through 2013, so it's time again to check in and see how I'm doing on all of my new year's resolutions.

I read a Marc and Angel article last month about starting the year you want anytime.  I recommend taking a look.

--March Focus--

At the beginning of March I picked out five items and turned them into attainable goals for the month.  Here are those items with my progress in italics:
  1. (+/-) Read Hermanos monigotes II (by Antonio Robles) in Spanish (it's a junior edition, Biblioteca de bolsillo junior) -- I'm over halfway done, but still haven't finished the book.  I will surely finish it in April.
  2. (+/-) Learn four new guitar chords this month, one per week. -- In the second half of the month I finally started picking up my guitar.  Decided to go through a book I bought, learning individual note names rather than new chords.
  3. (+) Stretch once a week for ten minutes. -- At the weekend job I've fostered the habit of stretching when there's no one out in the waiting room.  Arms/shoulders/neck and legs.
  4. (+) Write four posts for Oh No She Madridn't - Done! The fact that I could write about Las Fallas this month really helped.
  5. (-) Schedule two evenings on the calendar this month to scrapbook. - Fail! 

--Overall Progress--

Some of this will be repetitive now, but here's my current progress on all resolutions:

  • (+) I've read 9 books of 32, which means I'm 2% ahead of schedule (according to Goodreads). 
  • (-) I have read 0.6 / 5 books in Spanish. hehe
  • (+) I have read 3 / 5 books that I own in my apartment.  (Gone Girl, The Handmaid's Tale, and Paris to the Moon)
  • (-) Have not sought out any French book yet. 
  • (-) Have not bought vitamin B and D yet (though now the sun's showing its face a little more, and I'm not sure if I'll buy it anymore)
  • (+) I'm taking probiotics most days, and tracking it on Chains when I remember to do so! 
  • (-) Still waiting to get JJ's info from the health center... he picked it up from his parents' house over Easter, so at least it's in Madison now
  • (-) I still eat chocolate at work.  Le sigh.

  • (+) I wrote in my journal 9 / 31 days this month, so I'll be really pleased with myself in the future when I try to figure out what I was thinking during that time.  I'll shoot for more in April.
  • (-/+) The weekend job still keeps my facebook log ins much lower those days. Though it's still more than once a day some days. 
  • (-) I couldn't tell you if I was more mindful in March, which probably means I wasn't.
  • (+) I try to apply gratitude to as many daily situations as I can.
  • (+) No fear, no fear.

  • (+) Stretched
  • (+) I'm counting 12 / 31 days that I recorded in Chains that I did push ups or my shoulder complex.
  • (+) I went for two runs in March (near the end of the month), and signed up for an 8K run in April.
  • (+) Played more in March than in February
  • (-) Have not been learning a chord per week.  Am amending this resolution to simply practicing, whether it be learning notes or chords.
  • (+) Went to the French conversation table every Monday in March except for one! 
  • (n/a) Removed the resolution to sign up for a continuing studies French class since it interferes with ultimate.  Next month you won't see it on the checklist! 
  • (-/+) I've spent some time on Duolingo 13 / 31 days in March, which is not more than in February.
  • (-) Have not touched my French grammar book in March.
  • (+) I will be traveling to Canada to visit Hannah in July!  Will buy the plane ticket in April.
  • (+) Applied and interviewed to teach English in South Korea this fall (on April 1).  Moved on to step two of the application.
  • (+) Am putting France on hold for a(nother) year, so this resolution will also not appear next month.
  • (+) Posted four times in March on Oh No She Madridn't
  • (+) I have blogged at least twice a week on Rebe with a Clause. 
  • (+) There is a contest going on right now!  But this technically will count towards April...   Regardless, you should enter!
  • (+) Commented on at least two blogs a week, thanks to Chains.
  • (-) Have not yet read an SEO book
  • (-) Have not had time to look at the Statistics class 
  • (-) Willingly decided not to keep up with personal finance class.  Maybe I'll try a different class once the seasonal weekend job ends (mid-April).
  • (-) Did not scrapbook in March
  • (-) Have not begun the inspiration binder. 

--April Focus--

I'm going to try something completely different for April.  After reading Marc and Angel's post that I mentioned at the beginning, I'm going to try their suggestion #2: Theme your months.

April's theme/focus will be... fitness!

How is everyone else doing on their new year's resolutions?
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