Thursday, April 11, 2013

Letter Writers Association: The classiest customer service

Last week I received my Letter Writers Association (LWA) welcome pack and stationery, but I thought I was missing a postcard.  As I've already updated on the original post, I tweeted at LWA to ask about the postcard.  They replied right away, asking me to email my mailing address to them.

And look what was waiting in the mail box for me when I got home from work today:

I love all of the stamps they used on the front of the envelope:

Here's what the back looked like:

I appreciated those stamps, as well:

It got me thinking about what I could stamp on all of my outgoing mail, apart from (or in addition to) my "R" stamp I got in Cologne, Germany this past summer.  Any suggestions are welcome in the comments.

When I got done oo-ing and ah-ing over the envelope, I finally opened it.

Letter Writers Association postcard
Letter Writers Association
You have to send a letter to get a letter postcard

What a cute postcard!

It wasn't until I pulled it all the way out of the envelope that I gasped and said "Oh my gosh" out loud.  There were two postcards inside!  What a great surprise and kind gesture.  Add the brief handwritten note on a mini post-it and you've got one classy response.

Want to receive one of these postcards in the mail?  Enter my Easter egg contest for a chance to win -- there are only a few days left!  Comment on the post by April 15, 2013 to enter.
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