Sunday, March 31, 2013

Letter Writers Alliance membership and stationery

Since I'm such a supporter of snail mail, the other week I bought a Letter Writers Alliance lifetime membership.  It came in the mail a few days later with the starter stationery kit I'd purchased at the same time.

Membership itself is just $5, never expires, and comes with a membership card, member postcard, and badge:

Letter Writers Alliance membership
Letter Writers Alliance membership
Photo source: 16 Sparrows

If you order a membership together with LWA stationery, the membership is only $3, which is what I did.

There was a neat stamp across the top of my envelope, proving that the package was delivered by pigeon:

Letter Writers Alliance - delivered by pigeon
Letter Writers Alliance: delivered by pigeon

I loved the wrapping of all my goodies, the color especially:

Letter Writer's Alliance: pretty packaging
Letter Writer's Alliance: pretty packaging

Here's what I unwrapped, plus the triangle badge that somehow didn't make it into the picture below:

Letter Writer's Alliance: stationery and membership package
Letter Writers Alliance: stationery and membership package

I'm excited to start using it up, though I also now find myself wondering if I was supposed to get a postcard, too.  I think I was... I'll ask someone about that.


UPDATE 4/9/13: I tweeted at the Letter Writers Alliance on the sixth, asking about the missing postcard.  They replied, asking me to email them my mailing address.  I did so yesterday, and they told me it got sent out this morning in the mail!  I'm very pleased with their quick response and great customer service.  Oh the benefits of twitter...

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