Sunday, April 21, 2013

Golden birthday family(friends) celebration

My golden birthday is this Wednesday, the 24th, so family and some family friends came over to my parents' house today for a birthday lunch.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, we somehow got on the topic of wedding dresses -- and then the sister and I decided to pull out my mother's wedding dress from storage under the stairs and try it on.

Oh yeah, and then papa and I did some Russian wedding dancing, as seen in Fiddler on the Roof the night before:

Lunch was actually an afternoon brunch, with cinnamon rolls, three types of quiche, fruit, and toast.

Dessert consisted of my mother's famous crazy cake (no eggs); it's my favorite:

We went downstairs to open some presents.  I was overwhelmed with the mini-stack of presents and cards waiting for me; it felt like two birthdays and Christmas combined!  Mother said it's because I wasn't here for my birthday last year...

Here's one of my new toys:

Thanks to all who were there to celebrate with me.
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