Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Contest answer: Easter egg hunt

Many of you have been patiently waiting for my announcement of the Easter egg hunt contest winner.  Well, wait no longer. (Actually, well, you'll see in a second...)

A few weeks ago I asked how many plastic easter eggs were hidden around my grandma's property on Easter.  Here are the entries I received:

Brent - 30
Max - 52
Anonymous - 99
Hermann - 70
Caroline - 72

Ok folks, there were actually 174 eggs hidden!  I know, I was shocked too when my aunt told us the number, as sister and I only had five eggs each in our bags and we'd been walking for a while.  We were letting the young cousin collect them all.

But when we found out the total number was so high, the sister and I both began gathering up whatever we saw.

So, according to my rules Anonymous wins with a guess of 99.  If he or she does not identify him/herself by Monday, April 29, Caroline will be declared winner.
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