Sunday, March 3, 2013

Resolutions checkpoint 2013: February

We are now two months through 2013, that's 1/6 through the year! Time to check in and see how I'm doing on all of my new year's resolutions I made two months ago.

--February Focus--

Last month I picked out one item from each category to focus on during February. That was probably still too many things to focus on at once, but I did accomplish some, which makes me closer to reaching the year's resolutions.  Here are those items with my progress in italics below:

  • (+) Begin one book in Spanish or read a book I own in my apartment. 
    • I read two books that I own in my apartment (one that was given to me last month for Christmas), and I've pulled a book in Spanish off of my shelf. That's progress. 
  • (+/-) Keep a tally of how many chocolates are eaten per day at work -- this should help to focus on it! 
    • I did buy meringues to "replace" the chocolates at work... but they still haven't replaced them. I just eat meringues and chocolates now, hah. 
  • (+) Write in journal at least 15 days in February. 
    •  I wrote in my journal exactly 15 days last month! 
  • (+) Do push-ups twice a week, just to bring them into my line of sight. 
    • I recorded on Chains 12 days that I did push-ups or my shoulder complex last month, which is more than twice per week. 
  • (-) Play guitar once per week. 
    • I only took out my guitar ONCE last month. 
  • (+) Sign up for the continuing studies French course. 
    •  Even though I didn't sign up for this course (it would interfere with spring frisbee), I'm giving myself a plus since four weeks ago I finally went to the French conversation table. It's amazing, and I've been going every Monday since! 
  • (-) Begin South Korea teaching English application. 
    • Received it halfway through February. Have printed everything and plan to tackle it this week. 
  • (+) Add "Comment on another blog" to my Chains tasks, and do it twice a week. 
    • Done and done. 
  • (-) Try to stay on top of the finance MOOC. 
    • I didn't really focus on this at all last month. The MOOC has since ended, but I've found I'm focusing more on French and have less free time due to the second job - which I'm okay with. 
  • (-) Set aside two evenings this month to scrapbook. 
    • Epic fail. 

--Overall Progress--

Some of this will be repetitive now, but here's my current progress on all resolutions:

  • (+) I've read 8 books of 32, which means I'm 8% ahead of schedule (according to Goodreads). 
  • (-) I have read 0 / 5 books in Spanish. 
  • (-) I have read 2 / 5 books that I own in my apartment.  (Gone Girl and The Handmaid's Tale in February)
  • (-) Have not sought out any French book yet. 
  • (-) Have not bought vitamin B and D yet 
  • (+) I'm taking probiotics when I remember and tracking it on Chains. I've recorded taking probiotics 12/28 days in February. 
  • (-) Still waiting to get JJ's info from the health center... cough cough 
  • (-) I still eat chocolate at work.  Le sigh.

  • (+) I wrote in my journal 15 / 28 days this month, and I continue to track it on Chains. This has increased from the 12/31 times I wrote in January. 
  • (-) The new job still keeps my facebook log ins much lower on the weekends. Though it's still more than once a day some days. 
  • (-) I couldn't tell you if I was more mindful in February, which probably means I wasn't.
  • (+) I try to apply gratitude to as many daily situations as I can.
  • (+) No fear, no fear.

  • (+) I've maybe only stretched a handful of times this month, but I've started to stretch at the weekend job in my chair when there isn't a lot going on (or clients waiting in the waiting room)
  • (+) I picked up the pace in February to doing push-ups or an arm workout 12 / 28 days.   I'm still not doing them every day but I'm getting closer!
  • (-) It's still been too cold and blizzardy to run! 

  • (+/-) Played it once last month, which is more than in January, hence the +.  However, this is nothing close to 5x/week, hence the -.
  • (-) Have not been learning a chord per week.

  • (+) Went to the French conversation table three times this month! 
  • (-) Have not signed up for a continuing studies French course, but might have to remove this resolution because I think the class would be at the same time as spring ultimate league.  And ultimate tops all.
  • (+) I've spent some time on Duolingo 14 / 28 days in February, which is more than in January.
  • (+) Brought my French grammar book to work, and pull it out at lunches sometimes. 

  • (+) Found out that Hannah will be in Canada this summer; am trying to figure out travel dates.
  • (+) Received and printed application materials for the 2013-14 teaching English in South Korea program. 
  • (+) Made profile on one France au pair website. 

  • (-) Only wrote three posts in February on Oh No She Madridn't; would have liked four.
  • (+) I have blogged at least twice a week on Rebe with a Clause. 
  • (-) I didn't have a contest in February or January. 
  • (+) Comment on at least two blogs a week, thanks to Chains.
  • (+) Have not read an SEO book yet, but spent the other night reading some SEO blogs 

  • (-) Have not had time to look at the Statistics class 
  • (-) Willingly decided not to keep up with personal finance class.  Maybe I'll try a different class once the seasonal weekend job ends (mid-April).


--March Focus--

Last month I picked one item from each category to focus on in February, but this time I'm going to turn some of the resolutions into just five attainable goals for March. Sometimes less is more:

  1. Read Hermanos monigotes II in Spanish (it's a junior book, Moby Dick Biblioteca de bolsillo junior)
  2. Learn four new guitar chords this month, one per week.
  3. Stretch once a week for ten minutes.
  4. Write four posts for Oh No She Madridn't
  5. Schedule two evenings on the calendar this month to scrapbook.

Are you still focusing on your new year's resolutions?  How are you progressing?
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