Friday, March 15, 2013

Snail mail surprises

Last Friday night when I returned home from Freethought Festival 2, I found a postcard for me sitting on the living room table.  I thought it was from the 20-Something Bloggers postcard exchange that I had recently participated in, but it was from Hannah and Hermann!

France postcard
La France: Postcard from Hannah and Hermann

La France! La France!  It was a delightful surprise.  I'm not sure if they sent it when they were in France over New Year's, or if it was purchased then and sent later.  I'm assuming it was mailed later, otherwise that's a really long time for a post card to be in transit.

Then on Saturday, after a full day of Freethought Festival 2, I arrived home to another postcard waiting for me!  This time it was from the 20-Something Bloggers postcard exchange, specifically from Anne @ Owl Be Happy in New York.

And during the week, this pretty green card arrived from my mother:

Yes, she made it herself.  Very cool.

Moral of the post?  Send some snail mail this weekend to your loves - you will brighten their day!

Don't have postage and don't live near a post office (or maybe you work during postal office hours, like me)?  Order stamps online!  It's very cheap to have them delivered (My shipping cost $1.25), and you have a huge selection of neat forever stamps (buy forevers... there's no reason not to).

Here's one of the packs I bought last time:

Bon week-end!
• • •


  1. Your mom MADE the St. Patrick's Day card? I'm impressed...

    1. Yeah, Thanks! I'll pass along your comment to her. She's been scrapbooking for years, and recently went to some card-making classes.