Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two food prep and storage tips that you probably already know, but I just learned this week

I'm learning all sorts of useful things about food this week.

On Monday night I made some taco meet -- well, added a taco spice mix to ground turkey.  I had some corn tortillas left to use, so I dished the meat out onto the tortilla and tried to fold it up.  The tortilla broke in half.  It also wasn't that great to eat.  I mentioned this to WK at work on Tuesday, and he tells me that I need to warm them up.  In the microwave?  No, no, no -- on the stove.  So I did that Tuesday night with great success; made a huge difference.  I also took the time to read the corn tortilla package last night.  There are heating instructions on the bag that closely resemble the advise given to me by WK.

Then this morning, as I'm packaging up some brown sugar to take with me (since I was going to make my oatmeal at work rather than at home), I glance at my curry paste sitting on my shelf.  A roommate had come curry paste in the fridge when we cleaned it out not too long ago.  For whatever reason, these thoughts collide in my groggy early-morning state so I pick up the jar and read it.  "Keep refrigerated after opening".  Whoops.  I opened this back in the fall, and have since used it multiple times.  It did smell a little funky when I cracked it open today, though.  I set it in the fridge and ran off to catch my bus to work.  Should I throw it out?

So there you have it, folks:

  • Heat up corn tortillas on a hot frying pan over the stove before use.  Flip every 15 seconds or so, for about a minute.
  • Store curry paste in the refrigerator after opening.
• • •


  1. SORRY I'm randomly commenting on every post like a crazy person, but I have a great method for heating up corn tortillas that I just had to share :) Wrap them up in a clean, slightly damp kitchen towl and pop in the microwave for about a minute. The dampness steams them so they don't crack, and they seriously taste like they're straight off the tortilla maker.

    1. No worries, I'm loving the comments! Thanks for sharing your method -- I will try it when I buy my next package of corn tortillas. It already sounds better than the stove top because of the dampness.